Focus & Priorities

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Focus and Priorities

I’ve heard it said that a person could only really focus on one thing at a time. If you were to experiment to see for yourself if this were true, you might choose to use a camera. Looking through the eyepiece your view gets narrowed. Sight the cross hairs on a person or object, press the button, and voila – your goal is in focus. If you’re unsteady or the object moves – the picture might end up being out of focus.

Achieving meaningful results and getting ahead in life requires that we set priorities and maintain focus. Understanding and deciding your priorities and then focusing on them will help ensure that the things you do are the right things.

Here are some ideas you can use to help you set priorities and keep you working at your best.

  1. Decide what is of value to you and set clear goals and objectives. Understand how the priorities you set help to move you in the direction of something of value to you.
  2. Don’t live with a microwave perspective. Learn to see now and towards the horizon. Work on things in the present that can have the greatest possible impact on your future. Maintain balance in your life by setting work, health, relationship, and financial goals.
  3. Make a commitment to continue learning and growing. Improve areas of your life that are most important to you. Become an expert in things that matter.
  4. Take time to do the right job right the first time. Doing the right job first without procrastination results in less stress. And with fewer mistakes, you’ll have wasted little time going back to do the same tasks over and over. You will enjoy life more, have more time for things that matter to you, and probably have more money available to you!
  5. Most people are paid not for the hours they spend on the job but for the results they obtain. Employees that learn this early tend to achieve more – including becoming their own boss someday if that is their desire.
  6. We can always choose which activities to engage in and are free to choose wisely or poorly. These choices and, ultimately, the consequences are ours for the choosing.

As a money services business, your goals and priorities include:

  • conducting business profitably;
  • conducting business within the law;
  • maintaining your banking relationship;
  • developing and building customer relationships; and,
  • building wealth.

You and each of your company’s employees can better achieve these goals setting priorities and maintaining focus. By choosing to work in a way that consistently contributes towards your company’s goals, you and your fellow employees will all be well rewarded in the long run.


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