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The Little Things

While managing our businesses (and often struggling to get everything done while making a good living), it’s important to remember that the little things matter.

Each customer or potential customer can choose where to conduct his or her financial transactions and purchase goods and services. There’s a lot of competition out there! In this environment, the least expensive way to make more money, maintain existing business and grow faster is to be perceived as a fairly priced, convenient, good provider of service.

There are a number of things a company can do to build this positive perception and reality. First, a company can build a team of positive, well-trained employees with healthy self-esteem. Customers feel good when dealing with positive employees. When your employees are knowledgeable, proficient in their jobs, care about customers, and serve their customers well – that’s good for business.

There are so many places today where service is nearly non-existent! Your increased profitability and lowered risk comes from repeat customers and not one time transactions. Develop relationships by providing good service.

The next thing a company can do is to practice being courteous with its customers. Customers should never feel they are an unwelcome distraction; while some customer interactions can be challenging or difficult, they’re the reason the company exists, is profitable, and each employee has a job and a paycheck.

Employees can’t afford to be self-centered or preoccupied with our own problems (… personal phone calls, gossip, etc.) – that’s totally counter productive to helping your company meet its goals. Each employee should show courtesy in every interaction with customers.

Next, all employees need to communicate with customers positively – both verbally and nonverbally. Small things like smiling, being friendly, and using good manners helps to tell customers how much you value their business.
Increased profits are possible – by developing well trained, courteous, accurate, service focused employees (who also manage risk appropriately by following your defined processes and procedures…)

Show customers you value their business by managing the little things well; it may just have a bigger impact than you can imagine.


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