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Sometimes life can seem full of minor annoyances. Such irritations can distract us from enjoying and appreciating all the blessings of life. Perhaps even from doing those things that can improve our lives and relieve us of our frustrations. With work taking up a large percentage of our life, it’s no wonder then that this can also be true in our work lives as it is in our life in general.

If there are aspects of your job and life that drive you to distraction, take a breath and consider the opportunity before you. You have a chance to …

  • participate in improving things,
  • to learn from the situation,
  • to improve the process, and
  • to help your teammates.

Take ownership, show initiative, and contribute to making progress!

Perseverance is holding to a belief, course of action, or purpose without giving way. Oysters provide us with a good example of perseverance. If a grain of sand gets into the shell and can’t be expelled, the oyster works slowly and gradually to minimize and eventually eliminate the source of its frustration and discomfort. The end result is a thing of great beauty and value – a pearl.

We should each strive to remember the pearl of wisdom taught to us by the simple oyster. Each day hold to a course of action that improves your knowledge, your ability to perform and serve others, and contributes to making our company, our family, and our life truly exceptional in all respects.



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