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The Privilege of Serving Others

Serving the needs of others well is not just a good business practice – it is also an honorable and noble pursuit. To become great business people and succeed in business, we need to learn to excel in the privilege of providing service to our customers.

Having a good location, competitive products and services, and competitive pricing is not enough. To maintain your customer base and attract new customers you must provide exemplary customer service. And exemplary service means more than just consistently going through the right motions. Great customer service derives from a service-oriented state of mind, a disposition to serve and care for the needs of others, and a core belief in service being essential to your mission.

Each of a money services business’ customers deserves to be appreciated and valued. They have made a conscious choice to let you serve them. By doing so they pay operating expenses, salaries and help us meet the needs of our families. Taking pride in the service you give to others helps create a bond with the customer; a relationship built on trust, mutual appreciation, and a continuing desire to serve. Your efforts to continue earning the customer’s business through service will help you to earn additional business from that customer and through the customer’s referrals.

Good service does not mean, however, that risk management is to be thrown out the door. MSBs need to be alert and vigilant to potential fraudulent or suspicious activity. Nothing requires that you complete a transaction if there are reasons why you should not do so. Manage your risk, but do it with a good disposition and serve customers well.

Consistently providing exemplary service to others while effectively managing risk will help you to succeed in business and in life. That’s true for money services businesses and for all businesses.


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