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SHINE in Serving Others!

All MSB employees can more consistently provide excellent and friendly service by remembering the following basic steps.

  • S = Smile/ Greet – Smile, make eye contact, and look at the customer when they enter the business and approach the teller station. (This also helps improve safety and security!)
  • H = How may I help you? Do you need anything else?
  • I = Interaction with customer by name. Verifying identity is part of risk management. Recognizing customers by name, greeting them and using their name throughout conversation is part of good service!
  • N = Need to assist further. Is there anything else I can help you with today? Don’t assume the customer is done; they might need to purchase something else from you. A simple question provides good service and may result in additional sales activity.
  • E = Express Gratitude. Thank the customer for their business.

Your actions and habits directly impact the perception customers develop of your business and the amount of sales you achieve.

SHINE each day with each of your customers!


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