After a Holdup

After a Holdup – What next?

As a money services business, your business will eventually be a target for robbery. Hopefully you and your employees are prepared, know what to do, and survive the incident without injury or death.

What should be done after an MSB has been robbed though?

The following steps can help to protect you, fellow employees and customers, and the business from further harm and potentially help with the apprehension of the criminals.

  • As soon as the robber(s) have left the premises, secure the doors when it is safe to do so. You don’t want the criminal to re-enter the building.
  • Activate the alarm systems, if not already armed.
  • If someone has been injured, call 911 and attend to the injured person(s) as best as possible.
  • To preserve evidence for law enforcement personnel, don’t touch anything in the crime scene, i.e. the area where the robbery occurred.
  • Distribute a form similar to the Robbery/Suspect Characteristics/Description form (available for download from this site) so that persons can write down their immediate impressions and observations of the robbers. People should write down their observations independently so as not to influence others memory of the perpetrators. If you do not have or use a form, pass out blank paper and ask for persons to write out their descriptions.
  • Wait upon law enforcement to arrive and answer all questions to the best of your ability.
  • Count and secure valuables, balance out, and determine the amount of any loss. Preferably two persons should be part of the balancing process and will document their actions, count, balances and amount of any loss.
  • The facility should remain closed until it has been released by law enforcement. Officers may need to take pictures, fingerprints, etc. and cannot do that if you are allowing customers into the crime scene. If necessary, post signage to let customers know your business is closed temporarily.
  • Notify your insurance agent and provide information as necessary.

As with the instructions for handling a robbery, you should also document for your business instructions post-robbery procedures. Review them with staff on hiring and periodically.