Avoid Break Ins

Avoid Break-Ins

Periodically review this checklist to confirm that you have taken appropriate basic steps to protect your money services business from a break in.

If we assume that most criminals are lazy (after all, they haven’t learned and/or aren’t applying marketable skills and are instead engaged in a high risk endeavor)… then it makes sense that they will prefer to break-in and rob other businesses, i.e. ones that are less careful than yours is. Of course, you could still be robbed.

The following list will simply help you minimize your risks of a potential break-in.

  • Be sure to have adequate outside lighting, especially around entrances.
  • Keep the store’s interior well lit & leave strategic inside lights on overnight.
  • Remove valuable merchandise from windows at night.
  • Remove all cash from registers & leave register drawers open at closing.
  • Make certain the area around structures is free of materials & objects that can be used for climbing or hiding.
  • Install heavy solid core doors equipped with dead bolt locks.
  • Use keys which cannot be duplicated without authorization; limit the number in use & have employees sign for those distributed to them. Maintain key logs and record the return of keys from employees when their employment ends.
  • Be sure hinges are tamper-resistant or welded.
  • Use break-resistant glass.
  • Install window key locks.
  • Know your neighborhood & neighbors.
  • Survey your premises for break-in entry points & secure them: Skylights, ventilators, sidewalk grills, loading docks, et cetera.
  • Check all potential hiding places for stowaways before closing: rest rooms, closets, basement, attic, et cetera.