Alert for Shoplifters

The vast majority of money services businesses provide products and services other than financial services as their primary business, e.g. gas stations, convenience stores, liquor stores, hardware stores, grocery stores, et cetera.

Such businesses also have to be alert to the potential of goods walking out the door without having been paid for. The following list will help you to be alert to the potential of shoplifting and minimize potential losses.

  • Greet customers and make eye contact as soon as they walk into the store. Being alert and attentive is both a hallmark of stores that give good service and also of stores that minimize loss from theft.
  • Shoplifters may include your “best customers” so observe everyone.
  • Don’t allow customers behind the counters or into any teller areas.
  • Watch for signs of shoplifters who:
  • “Dart” around the store;
  • Work in teams (one distracts while the other steals); &/or.
  • Wear bulky clothing that can conceal merchandise (tent-like dresses, sweat clothes with elastic waists).
  • Use gummed labels which tear apart to prevent price switching.
  • Keep the store neat & make sure sight lines are clear (no “dead” areas).
  • Make sure everyone gets a receipt for his purchase (no cash returns without receipt).
  • Use a “code” system among employees to alert each other of shoplifters.
  • Use noise alarms on unlocked exits.
  • Only allow the cash register to be opened after a sale is rung up.
  • Control use of washrooms.
  • Lock infrequently used doors.
  • Post anti-shoplifting signs.