Store is pleased to offer the following products, endorsed and recommended by the National Money Transmitters Association and by MSBGA Association. Significant effort has been expended to develop these products to better assist MSBs in understanding and adhering to the compliance requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act.

We believe you will find the materials helpful and a sound investment in helping you to better manage compliance risk. Please click on the expandable headings below to learn more!


  • The MSB BSA/AML Compliance Guide - $ 79.95

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    Invest today in a copy of The Money Services Business Bank Secrecy Act / Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Guide!

    This Guide is a fantastic resource for MSBs needing help to better understand and manage their risks and responsibilities. This book will help the owner, manager, or other responsible employee to understand the requirements, manage risk, accurately complete reporting forms, and satisfy the concerns of the bank or other financial institution used by the MSB.

    Customizable templates and forms are available as an additional purchase to help MSBs comply!

    The manual is broken down into the following sections:

    • BSA/AML Compliance for Money Services Businesses
    • Managing Your Banking Relationship (If you aren’t managing your bank relationship – you may find yourself without one.)
    • Preparing an Information Package for your Bank
    • Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing
    • Knowing Your Customer
    • Ceasing to be a Money Services Business
    • Naming a BSA Compliance Officer
    • Registering an MSB with FinCEN
    • The MSB Risk Assessment
    • Internal Policies, Procedures and Controls
    • Training of Employees
    • Independent Compliance Review
    • Government Examinations of MSBs
    • Monetary Instrument Log
    • Currency Transaction Reports (CTR)
    • Suspicious Activity Report (SAR-MSB)
    • Funds Transfer Activities
    • Currency Exchange Activities
    • BSA Direct eFiling
    • BSA Record Retention

    Appendices include:

    • The Bank Secrecy Act
    • FinCEN Guidance concerning MSBs

    The Guide will be sent to purchasers via UPS delivery promptly after purchase.

  • BSA/AML Training for MSBs - $ 110.00

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    Many Agents have Internet connectivity issues or simply prefer manual, paper based training materials that they can use to lead training tailored to their business. At their request, the materials available in the online workbook were ported into paper form!
    This book contains: a detailed BSA/AML training presentation with license to make copies for use by the business; a 20 question test and answer key with explanations; a Certificate of Completion; and, a training log to record who has completed the training and provide proof to regulatory examiners.

  • SAR Investigations Guide - $ 99.95

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    This book brings together significant resources needed to conduct fully compliant money laundering and fraud investigations. Learn how to tune your transaction alert procedures using simple, fully explained statistical models. Become a Google power-user! Learn about the “hidden” web and Internet sites that can enable you to conduct deeper investigations and high quality SAR reviews. Learn about controls steps necessary before closing or filing an investigation. Access a complete Quality Control Investigation list to make sure your analysts consider all the proper information for every investigation. And, have ready access to complete alert analysis steps for potential structuring, monetary instrument sales, PICs, wire transfers, and more! You’ll find information on the latest trends identified by law enforcement too. A great resource for the compliance professional!


  • Complete Templates and Forms Package - $ 324.95

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    • Templates for Risk Assessment, Compliance Program, Resolution Naming Compliance Officer, Resolution Adopting Compliance Program, Employee Acknowledgement of Responsibilities, and Independent Review by Agent.


    • Inexpensive, customizable using software you know.

    Cost – varies by template; only $324.95 for all of them!

    For only $324.95, download a ZIP file immediately after purchase containing a complete set of the following Microsoft Word based templates and forms!

    • Resolution to Cease MSB Operations
    • Sample Check Cashing Policy to cease being an MSB
    • Sample memos to document errors and exceptions to company files
    • Resolution to name a BSA Compliance Officer
    • Customer Identification template to document information for an MSB’s bank
    • Customer Due Diligence template to document information for an MSB’s bank
    • MSB Risk Assessment (template)
    • MSB BSA/AML Compliance Program (template)
    • Resolution to adopt BSA AML Compliance Program
    • Employee Acknowledgement of BSA/AML Compliance Program
    • Training documentation form
    • Independent Review of BSA/AML Compliance Program (template)

    Tailor the included MicroSoft Word based forms for your business! And, by doing a bit of work yourself, develop an excellent compliance program tailored for your business while saving money!

    If you haven’t complied with the Bank Secrecy Act, shouldn’t you do it now? Or are you waiting for another bank to say goodbye? Or for your state banking authority or the IRS to audit and fine you?

    Act now to comply with the Bank Secrecy and Manage your Banking Relationship! You Can Comply, Save Money and Protect Yourself from Risk!

    If you haven’t already added a copy of The Money Services Business Bank Secrecy Act / Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Guide to your shopping cart, be sure to do so. It’s a great resource which will help you to understand and implement this compliance package appropriately.

  • Compliance Program Wizard - $ 335.00

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    • Easy to use! Works like popular tax software products.
    • Leads the Agent through an interview process.
    • Agent answers questions on screens containing detailed explanations!
    • Wizard’s Help File contains extensive rules, regulations and explanations to help guide the user.
    • Program outputs a complete, customized AML Program Manual acceptable to banks and regulators.


    • Agents save the cost of hiring outside help.
    • Agents meet the requirement to have a tailored program covering all of their money services.
    • Improved Agent knowledge by creating own program.
    • Improved audits and bank relationships.

    Cost – only $335.00

  • BSA/AML Training Software for small MSBs - price varies


    • Simple to use, low cost, effective product to enhance training
    • Includes training Log, testing and completion Certificates
    • Comprehensive BSA and OFAC coverage
    • Available in Spanish and English


    • Easy to deploy and use.
    • Inexpensive way for Agents to improve their training program.

    Cost –

    • 5 employees for $49.95;
    • 10 for $98.95; 15 for $143.95;
    • or unlimited for $280.95

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